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    Organic Bergamot Essential Oil (Zest Essence)

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      10 ml

      Essential oil with antiseptic, calming and antispasmodic properties. Recommended in case of stress or nervous excitement thanks to its relaxing properties as well as for digestion problems.

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      10 ml
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      Bergamot Essential Oil is a calming oil, it helps to restore energy and soothes nervous tension. A natural deworming and intestinal stimulant, it is therefore recommended in case of difficult digestion, aerophagia and intestinal parasites. It can also be used for skin problems, taking care of its photosensitizing properties.

      Bergamot, whose botanical name is Citrus bergamia, originates from Italy.

      How to use

      HOW TO USE 

      As a diffusion

      Put a few drops of the Bergamot Orange essential oil in the diffuser or on a diffusion stone and leave to diffuse for 15 minutes per hour maximum.

      As an inhalation

      Put 2 to 3 drops of this essential oil on a paper handkerchief and inhale.

      As a massage

      It is possible to use this essential oil diluted in vegetable oil or Dermoneutre, however it is important to avoid direct sunlight for the 12 hours following the application, because this essential oil is very photosensitive.

      In a bath

      Dilute this essential oil in bath oil then add it to the bath water

      Oral administration

      Put 1 or 2 drops on a sugar lump or in a spoon of honey.


      Nervous fatigue or insomnia

      Add 6 drops Bergamot Orange essential oil + 6 drops Lavender essential oil + 4 drops Geranium essential oil + 4 drops Grapefruit essential oil to 30 mL Sweet Almond vegetable oil, put a few drops in the diffuser or pulveriser.



      • Mode of extraction - Cold press
      • Botanical name - Citrus bergamia
      • Part of plant used - Zest 
      • Geographical origin - Italy
      • Type of culture - Organic
      • Quality - Essential Oil Scientifically Defined (HESD) 100% pure and natural

      Therapeutical uses

      Agitation, nervosité, aérophagie

      Propriétés connues

      Agitation, anxiety, aerophagia

      Biochemical composition

      Limonene (30 to 50%), linalyl acetate (14 to 37%), linalool (3 to 15%), geraniol (< 0.2%), citral (< 1%)

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      Très bien
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      Très bons produits rapidement livrés. Nickel!
      Order from 24/02/2021
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      L'huile essentielle de bergamote Bio apaise mes jours sont tres reposants et calmes elle degage un parfum tres agréable .
      Order from 06/01/2021
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      Répond aux attentes.
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      très bon produit
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      Super produit. J'ai adoré ce produit !
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