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    This Jasmine essential oil is a relaxing and antistress oil.

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    Toning, energising and anti-inflammatory, Eona organic Katrafay essential oil is particularly efficient for relieving...

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    Organic Bay Laurel essential oil is often used for intestinal problems and mouth infections. Neuro-tonic, it also...

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    Organic Aspic Lavender essential oil possesses remarkable wound healing properties. It can be used for cases of...

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    An organic essential oil with powerful antispasmodic properties from common Lavender.

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    Eona organic Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) essential oil is a valuable addition to the family aromatherapy kit....

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    Organic Lavandin super hybrid clone essential oil is a powerful antispasmodic, calmant and muscular relaxant. It...

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    Organic Lemongrass essential oil has the following properties: decongestant, vasodilator and anti-inflammatory. It is...

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    An essential oil with venous and lymphatic decongestant properties.

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    An essential oil with calming, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties.

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    The Marjoram essential oil is an antispasmodic and sedative oil particularly recommended in cases of anxiety,...

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    Wild Mint essential oil is a tonic and stimulant. It has an analgesic and a vasoconstrictor action particularly...

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    Organic Eona Peppermint essential oil is a tonic and is refreshing, it is a valuable component of a family...

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    An anti-infective, antiviral and anti-inflammatory essential oil.

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    The Common Myrtle essential oil is a venous and lymphatic decongestant, recommended for circulatory problems.

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    This essential oil is anti-infective, toning and regulator of the nervous system and it facilitates the venous...

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    There are 69 products matching your criteria