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    Organic Cistus (Rock Rose) Essential Oil

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      5 ml

      This essential oil is particularly cicatrisant and coagulative, it is also anti-inflammatory and antiviral. It is recommended in the case of bleeding cuts, cracks, or even bedsores.

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      5 ml
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      Cistus (Rock Rose) essential oil is particularly used for open wounds, where it facilitates coagulation and cicatrisation. It can also be applied to cracks and bedsores.

      Note also its anti-degenerative action which makes it a useful ingredient of the composition anti-wrinkle and Skincare and defense oil.

      The botanical name of Cistus Rock Rose is Cistus ladaniferus, and it originates from Spain. It is a shrub that grows in hot, dry regions.

      How to use

      HOW TO USE

      Oral administration, through the skin, in the bath


      Cracks (on lips or breasts)

      Tamanu nut vegetable oil, Rose Hip seed vegetable oil, Jojoba vegetable oil + a few drops Cistus (Rock Rose) essential oil.



      • Mode of extraction - Complete steam distillation
      • Botanical name - Cistus ladaniferus
      • Part of plant used - Branch
      • Geographical Origin - Spain
      • Type of culture - Organic
      • Quality - Essential Oil Scientifically Defined (HESD) 100% pure and natural

      Therapeutical uses

      Cuts / sores

      Bed sores

      Known properties

      Antihemorrhagic, coagulative, cicatrisant, anti-inflammatory, imminostimulant, anti-viral, anti-degenerative

      Biochemical composition

      Alpha pinene (18 to 50%)
      Camphene (2 to 8%)
      Trimethylcyclohexanone (1 to 6%)
      Viridiflorol (2 to 10%)

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