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    Organic Jojoba Vegetable Oil

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      30 ml

      The organic Jojoba vegetable oil, protective and lubricating, balances the acidity of the skin.

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      Organic Jojoba vegetable oil is very useful in cosmetics to help reduce acne and for anti ageing and antiwrinkle care. Known for its protective and lubricating properties, it is used for balancing the acidity of the skin. It can also be used for rebalancing greasy hair and nourishing brittle nails. The Jojoba is a species of bush from the Simmondsiaceae family originating from Arizona and from Mexico.

      The organic Jojoba vegetable oil is obtained by 1st cold press extraction, without any chemical treatment. Of cosmetic and nutritional quality, it further benefits from the quality label HESD (Essential Oil Scientifically Defined).

      How to use

      HOW TO USE

      Dermal administration, apply this organic Jojoba vegetable oil directly on the skin.



      40 drops Lavender essential oil + 40 drops Rosemary essential oil + 10 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil + 15 mL Argan vegetable oil + 15 mL organic Jojoba vegetable oil. Add the essential oils to the vegetable oils, gently massage onto scalp 20 minutes before shampooing.

      Hair (revitalization)

      Lavender essential oil and organic Jojoba vegetable oil. Make this fragrant mix with a concentration of no more than 3% essential oil, massage into the hair, leave to act for about 20 minutes before shampooing, then, 2 drops of this mixture in a small amount of shampoo and wash hair.


      0.5 mL Common Lavender essential oil + 1 mL Helichrysum (Curry Plant) essential oil + 10 mL Rosehip seed vegetable oil + 5 mL organic Jojoba vegetable oil. Rub a few drops in locally, several times a day.


      Make a mixture of no more than 3% Petitgrain Bigarade essential oil in organic Jojoba vegetable oil. Apply where needed on the lips or breasts.

      Emotional stability

      12 drops Damask Rose Otto essential oil + 9 mL organic Jojoba vegetable oil + a 10 mL bottle. Put the essential oil in the bottle and fill it with the vegetable oil. Place a few drops of this mixture on the chest and gently massage. Pour 1 drop of this mixture on each hand, rub hands together and enjoy the fragrance.


      Put 6 drops Peppermint essential oil in 5 mL organic Jojoba vegetable oil. To be applied on the temples.

      Greasy skin

      10 drops Geranium essential oil + 10 drops Petitgrain Bigarade essential oil + 5 drops Rosemary 1.8 Cineole + 20 mL organic Jojoba vegetable oil + 10 mL Argan vegetable oil. To be applied after a shower.

      Increased awareness

      pour 25 drops Cistus (Rock rose) essential oil in 9.5 mL organic Jojoba vegetable oil. Apply 1 drop of this mixture above the top lip and 1 drop between the eyebrows before meditation or introspection.

      Acne serum

      3 drops Lavender essential oil + 3 drops Tea Tree essential oil + 4.5 mL organic Jojoba vegetable oil + a roll-on of 5 mL. Pour the essential oils in, then fill up the rest of the roll-on with the vegetable oil. Apply morning and evening before the day cream.



      • Botanical name - Simmondsia chinensis
      • Part of plant used - seeds
      • Geographical origin - Argentina -
      • Type of culture - Organic
      • Mode of extraction - 1st cold press extraction
      • Quality - Essential Oil Scientifically Defined (HESD) 100% pure and natural

      Therapeutical uses 

      Cosmetic, acne (seboregulator), anti ageing, antiwrinkle, devitalised or tired skin, hydrating, softening, regives elasticity to the skin, greasy hair and brittle nails

      Known properties 

      Skin protector and lubricator, rebalances the acidity of the skin (metabolism of elastin, cell water loss)

      Biochemical composition 

      0.1% omega-6, 9% omega-9, 1.2% saturated fatty acids. Composition very similar to liquid wax, close to human sebum: good stability and conservation.

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      Fabienne G
      rien de particulier
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      Toujours de tres bonne qualité
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      bon produit
      Order from 27/08/2018
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      Connaisseuse de l'huile végétale de jojoba, celle-ci est de très bonne qualité. Utilisée pour ses qualités sur le visage et les cheveux.
      Order from 15/08/2018