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    Muscular pains

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    Muscular Arnica organic massage oil contains Arnica for a heating effect and muscle recuperation.

    From 11,80 €

    A cold spray made from Camphor and other essential oils to relieve muscular pain. A practical solution for an...

    From 10,80 €

    A gel with a cooling effect: based on Gaultheria (Wintergreen) essential oil for relieving muscular pain.

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    A heating balm with essential oils for facilitating muscular warming and preparation.

    From 10,80 €

    A natural balm with a moderate heating effect with organic essential oils, for relieving muscular tension.

    From 13,80 €

    + 1 VEINOPLUS PACK, VEINOPLUS ELECTRODES OFFERED The VEINOPLUS SPORT device is used to increase blood flow It...

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    There are 9 products matching your criteria