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    Katrafay Essential Oil

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      10 ml

      Toning, energising and anti-inflammatory, Eona organic Katrafay essential oil is particularly efficient for relieving rheumatismal pain.

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      10 ml
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      Eona Katrafay essential oil, owing to its numerous properties: fortifier, anti-inflammatory or anti-migraine, is very useful in all sorts of situations. It acts efficiently against rheumatism and is of precious help in the convalescence of infectious diseases.

      The Katrafay tree, botanical name Cedrelopsis grevei is an endemic plant of Madagascar. The Katrafay essential oil is obtained by complete steam distillation of the leaves. 100% pure and natural, it has the quality label HESD (Essential Oil Scientifically Defined).

      How to use

      HOW TO USE

      As a diffusion

      Pour a few drops of Eona Katrafay essential oil in the diffuser and leave to diffuse for 15 minutes to 1-hour maximum to bring an agreeable woody and balsamic perfume to your rooms.

      As an inhalation

      Put 2 or 3 drops of this essential oil on to a paper handkerchief and inhale all through the day. In this way profit from the fortifying properties of Katrafay.

      As a massage

      Pure or mixed with vegetable oil or Dermoneutre, the Eona Katrafay essential oil can be used for skin administration. It is in this way that the therapeutic properties of the Katrafay essential oil achieve the best results.

      In a bath

      It is possible to use the Katrafay essential oil in the bath water. For this dilute 15 to 20 drops of the Eona Katrafay essential oil in 10mL of the Bath base dispersant before pouring this mixture into the bath water.



      • Mode of Extraction - Complete steam distillation
      • Botanical name - Cedrelopsis grevei
      • Part of plant used - Leaves
      • Geographical origin - Madagascar 
      • Type of culture - Conventional
      • Quality - Essential Oil Scientifically Defined (HESD) 100% pure and natural

      Therapeutical uses 

      Physical fatigue, convalescence from infectious diseases, restoration following child birth, arthrosic or arthritic articular pain, migraine, dandruff 

      Known properties 

      General tonic, fortifier, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-migraine, aphrodisiac 

      Biochemical composition

      Beta caryophyllene (6 to 12%), alpha copaene (5 to 11%), alpha selinene (5 to 9%), alpha muurolene (4 to 9%)

      Our clients’ reviews on Katrafay Essential Oil
      Jocelyne L
      bon produit
      Order from 07/07/2022
      Florence V
      Huile rare et efficace
      Order from 07/11/2021
      anonymous a
      produit conforme à mon attente
      Order from 20/02/2020
      anonymous a
      Douleurs articulaires et musculaires : le mélange de Katrafay et Gaulthérie se complète bien. A noter qu'on ne trouve pas l'huile essentielle de katrafay partout
      Order from 07/03/2018
      anonymous a
      Order from 29/01/2018
      anonymous a
      L huile essentielle de katrafay très efficace Sa soulage la douleur.
      Order from 10/01/2018
      anonymous a
      En attente de la tester
      Order from 17/07/2017
      anonymous a
      Tres Efficase sur les douleurs articulaire des mains. J ai découvert a Madagascar cette huile , suite a un massage des mains ou j ai beaucoup de douleurs articulaire , dosage a 10 % avec huile d'amande douce pour la pénétration et adoucir le parfum boisé du Katrafay . a faire trois fois par jour , résultat après trois jours , vraiment efficace ,
      Order from 06/03/2016