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    Essential oil diffusers

    There are 15 products matching your criteria

    PROMO 49 € instead of 99€With EONA Olfadoses® Diffuser, you can enjoy 60-minute sessions of well-being with organic...

    From 49,00 € 99,00 € - 50,00 €

    Olfadoses® ENERGY bring dynamism and tone. Set of 7 Olfadoses®

    From 9,00 €

    Choose Olfadoses® LOVE for a sensual well-being. Set with 7 Olfadoses®

    From 9,00 €

    Spread NIGHT Olfadoses® for 60 minutes and favour your sleep for a good night's sleep. Set of 7 Olfadoses®

    From 9,00 €

    Treat yourself to 60 minutes of RELAX olfadose® to soothe you and feel the well-being within you. Box of 7 Olfadoses®

    From 9,00 €

    Spread Olfadoses® NIGHT for 60 minutes and promote your sleep for a quality sleep.Set of 7 Olfadoses®

    From 9,00 €

    Design and coloured, it releases a light mist and fits into any interior design perfectly. Exists in a raspberry...

    From 59,00 €

    A ceramic diffusion stone for diffusing essential oils naturally.

    From 4,00 € Out of stock

    An essential oil diffuser which can be plugged in to the cigarette lighter of your car.

    From 17,99 €

    Pads to recharge your essential oil car diffuser.

    From 4,00 €

    Quiet and compact essential oil diffuser. Diffuses essential oils cold by ventilation on impregnated filter.

    From 45,99 €

    Out of stock Filter to recharge your Mist essential oil diffuser

    From 5,00 €

    Design and portable, it allows you to create a scented and warm atmosphere with ease. Operates on batteries or USB...

    From 25,00 €

    Electric diffuser with glassware to diffuse your essential oils by nebulization. Diffusion capacity up to 100m2....

    From 69,99 € Out of stock

    Promo Pack 69 € instead of 126€One EONA Olfadoses diffuser + 3 boxes of 7 pods of Olfadoses (Energy, pure air,...

    From 69,00 € 126,00 € - 57,00 €
    There are 15 products matching your criteria