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    Organic Castor Oil fortifying

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      30 ml

      Organic Castor oil has a  strengthening effect on the nails, hair and eyelashes.

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      The organic Castor oil, obtained from the seeds of the Castor oil plant, is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids (such as omega 6 and 9) indispensables for the good health of nails, hair and eyelashes. Known for its fortifying, regenerating and rehydrating properties, it is appreciated for its beneficial effects on hair growth and regrowth, as well as eyelashes and eyebrows. It is used also for hair care, for repairing split ends or brittle hair, and skin care, for softening and hydrating the skin. Very thick even viscous, it should be applied very locally, only where needed.

      The Castor oil plant is a tall, perennial, flowering plant in the Spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. The organic Castor oil is obtained by 1st cold press extraction, without any chemical treatment. Of cosmetic and nutritional quality, it further benefits from the quality label HESD (Essential Oil Scientifically Defined).

      How to use

      HOW TO USE

      Oral administration

      Castor oil is known for its laxative properties, however, its ingestion is not recommended without medical advice.

      Dermal administration

      Apply the Castor oil directly on the hair, nails or eyelashes to strengthen them and encourage growth.


      Hair regrowth

      Mix 1 spoon organic Castor oil + 10 drops Borage vegetable oil + 1 drop organic Ylang Ylang essential oil + 1 whole egg altogether and apply on the hair as a gentle massage. Leave on the hair under a hot towel for at least 20 minutes then wash the hair with a gentle shampoo. This treatment can be used 1 or 2 times a week for as long as is necessary.

      Limiting hair loss

      150 ml organic Castor oil + 50 ml organic Argan vegetable oil + 30 drops organic Cedar essential oil + 30 drops organic Ylang Ylang essential oil. Mix all these ingredients together. Apply this mixture from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Leave on the hair under a hot towel for at least 20 minutes then wash the hair with a gentle shampoo. This mixture of oils can be preserved in a well closed bottle for further use.

      Nourishing damaged hair

      1 cup organic Castor oil + 1 cup organic Sesame vegetable oil + 1 whole egg + 1 egg yolk. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl until a firm mayonnaise consistency is obtained. Apply this cream on damaged hair, rub in well on the really damaged parts and the split ends. (It is recommended to avoid applying on a greasy scalp). Cover the hair with a warm towel or cling film and leave for 1 hour before washing the hair with shampoo once or twice. This cream can be applied once a week.

      Encouraging and thickening eyelashes and eyebrows

      Daytime make-up

      if you put make-up on every day, add a few drops (not many) organic Castor oil in your usual mascara, mix well with the brush and apply on your lashes.


      after carefully removing the make-up, apply organic Castor oil with a clean brush on the lashes before bed.



      • Botanical name - Ricinus communis
      • Part of plant used - Seeds
      • Geographical origin - India
      • Type of culture - Organic
      • Mode of extraction - 1st cold press extraction
      • Quality - Essential Oil Scientifically Defined (HESD) 100% pure and natural

      Therapeutical uses 

      Damaged and sensitive skin, acne, brown marks, dry devitalized and brittle hair, hair loss, split ends, fragile nails, short and thin eyelashes

      Known properties 

      Softening, cicatrizant, gentle, fortifying, nourishing, regenerating, rehydrating

      Biochemical composition 

      6% omega 3, 4 % omega 9, Rich in vitamin E

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      Très bon produit
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      Répond aux attentes.
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      Texture agréable, seul bémol difficile à appliquer avec ce doseur car coule mal.
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      Tres bon produit
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      Efficace. Parafait pour densifier les cils
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