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    Pure Air Olfadose - Set of 7 - DEO

      9,95 € tax incl.

      Spread Olfadoses® NIGHT for 60 minutes and promote your sleep for a quality sleep.
      Set of 7 Olfadoses®

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      Olfadoses® PURE AIR contain organic essential oils known for their antibacterial, refreshing and oxygenating properties.
      Box of 7 Olfadoses®


      Ingredients of juices:

      Organic Apricot Vegetable Oil
      Organic Sweet Orange EO: against anxiety, nervousness and insomnia
      Ho Wood EO: antiviral, immunostimulant
      Organic Geranium EO: anti-inflammatory
      Organic Bergamot EO: calming and sedative
      Organic Lavender EO: regulates the heart
      Organic Patchouli EO: stimulates the natural defences
      Organic Neroli EO: against nervous fatigue
      Organic Tonka bean EO: calming and relaxing
      Organic Ylang EO: calming the nervous system

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      Order from 28/02/2019
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