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      The VEINOPLUS VI device electrically stimulates the calf muscles to cause them to contract. These muscle contractions compress the deep and superficial veins and improve blood circulation.

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      VEINOPLUS VI is an innovative and patented electrostimulation technology that activates the calf muscle pump.

      Who can use the VEINOPLUS VI?
      VEINOPLUS VI helps to relieve venous symptoms and improve the quality of life of people with venous insufficiency.

      VEINOPLUS VI is also recommended to improve venous return, such as :

      a prolonged sitting or standing situation (desk, air travel, standing at work)
      lack of physical exercise (walking)
      pregnancy or hormonal treatment
      the presence of varicose veins or varicosities,
      excess weight
      VEINOPLUS VI is recommended for:
      increase blood circulation
      improve venous return
      reduce venous stasis
      treat the symptoms of venous insufficiency
      reduce pain sensations in the legs
      reduce edema
      reduce night cramps


      Package contents VEINOPLUS VI :

      1 electrostimulator VEINOPLUS VI
      1 pair of VEINOPLUS VI self-adhesive electrodes
      1 cable
      1 instruction manual

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