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    Essential oil diffusers

    There are 16 products matching your criteria

    PROMO 49 € instead of 99€With EONA Olfadoses® Diffuser, you can enjoy 60-minute sessions of well-being with organic...

    Promo Pack 69 € instead of 126€One EONA Olfadoses diffuser + 3 boxes of 7 pods of Olfadoses (Energy, pure air,...

    Olfadoses® ENERGY bring dynamism and tone. Set of 7 Olfadoses®

    Choose Olfadoses® LOVE for a sensual well-being. Set with 7 Olfadoses®

    Spread NIGHT Olfadoses® for 60 minutes and favour your sleep for a good night's sleep. Set of 7 Olfadoses®

    Spread Olfadoses® NIGHT for 60 minutes and promote your sleep for a quality sleep.Set of 7 Olfadoses®

    Treat yourself to 60 minutes of RELAX olfadose® to soothe you and feel the well-being within you. Box of 7 Olfadoses®

    Design and coloured, it releases a light mist and fits into any interior design perfectly. Exists in a raspberry...

    A ceramic diffusion stone for diffusing essential oils naturally.

    An essential oil diffuser which can be plugged in to the cigarette lighter of your car.

    Pads to recharge your essential oil car diffuser.

    Out of stock

    Quiet and compact essential oil diffuser. Diffuses essential oils cold by ventilation on impregnated filter.

    Out of stock Filter to recharge your Mist essential oil diffuser

    Design and portable, it allows you to create a scented and warm atmosphere with ease. Operates on batteries or USB...

    Electric diffuser with glassware to diffuse your essential oils by nebulization. Diffusion capacity up to 100m2....

    There are 16 products matching your criteria