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    Diffusion preparations

    There are 11 products matching your criteria

    The essential oils with fragrances of citrus fruits help to create an atmosphere which enables relaxation.

    These essential oils with a predominantly orange fragrance create a relaxing atmosphere.

    A multi-use diffusion composition. Helps to prevent winter complaints.

    This cleansing diffusion composition is for purifying the atmosphere and fighting against atmospheric pollution.

    This Immunit'air diffusion composition is for reinforcing the immune system.

    Air purifying diffusion composition sanitises the atmosphere of the whole house.

    These essential oils with a predominating lemon perfume create a friendly, olfactive atmosphere.

    A composition of essential oils with a predominant lemon perfume for creating an olfactive and stimulating ambience.

    A natural composition with essential oils for repelling mosquitos and flying insects. A 100% natural anti mosquito...

    There are 11 products matching your criteria