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    A warming compress with flax seeds for soothing aches and pains in: the back, the cervical vertebrae, muscles.

    27,00 €

    A spray resulting in a sensation of cold enriched with menthol for calming muscular pain.

    8,90 €

    Multi-usage wipes for surface hygiene.

    5,50 €

    Disinfectant gel for hand hygiene.

    5,40 €

    Plastic wrap with a handle to aid unrolling for wrappings and occlusive dressings.

    12,00 €

    Soap for hand or body washing.

    8,65 €

    A Green clay paste for relieving painful or tired muscles. A ready to use form

    11,50 €

    Examining table sheets for single patient use, supple and very resistant. Supplied with 100 individual pouches...

    49,00 €

    An elastic, compressive plaster, 100% cotton.

    5,90 €

    Elastic adhesive strip made using the Neuro-Proprioceptive Taping technique to relieve muscle pain, promote movement...

    12,90 €

    Box of 100 gloves - 3 sizes available

    9,60 €

    50 appointment cards.

    1,00 €
    There are 12 products matching your criteria