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    Relieves muscular pain

    Immediate cooling effect

    Clinically proven medical aid

    Cryo Gel (500 ml)31,70 €
    Relieves muscular pain
    Sport preparation and recovery
    Sport preparation and recovery

    Made with organic Arnica

    Muscle oil (500 ml)37,90 €
    Organic Essential Oils

    100% pure and natural

    Product selection
    Neutral cream for long massages
    Neutral cream for long massages

    Discreetly perfumed with Rosewood

    Dermoneutre (500 ml)12,99 €

    The efficiency of nature in the service of movement and performance



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    Technical Partner

    Eona supports sports physiotherapists and high-level athletes within institutions and French sports federations.

    Partenaire Technique INSEP
    Fédération française de cyclisme
    Fédération française de triathlon
    Fédération française d'athlétisme
    Fédération française de natation

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