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    Relieves muscular pain

    Immediate cooling effect

    Clinically proven medical aid

    Cryo Gel (500 ml)31,70 €
    Relieves muscular pain
    Sport preparation and recovery
    Sport preparation and recovery

    Made with organic Arnica

    Muscle oil (500 ml)37,90 €
    Organic Essential Oils

    100% pure and natural

    Product selection
    Neutral cream for long massages
    Neutral cream for long massages

    Discreetly perfumed with Rosewood

    Dermoneutre (500 ml)12,99 €

    The efficiency of nature in the service of movement and performance

    Our best sellers!

    A gel with a cooling effect: based on Gaultheria (Wintergreen) essential oil for relieving muscular pain.

    Muscular Arnica organic massage oil contains Arnica for a heating effect and muscle recuperation.

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    Leg gel with essential oils: has an instantaneous cold effect to relieve tired and heavy legs.

    The Eona organic Gaultheria or Wintergreen essential oil is  perfect for relieving muscular and articular pain due to...

    Health professionals

    A privileged partner of healthcare professionals for 30 years, with a wide range of massage and care products dedicated to professionals and to the medical equipment.

    Products for health professionals
    Products for health professionals
    Gel CRYO

    Sportive care

    Discover the whole of our sports range to support you from warm-up to muscle recovery, through to care of sports wounds. Whether you are a beginner or experienced sportsperson, find what you need for more comfort during exercise.

    Products for sportspersons
    Products for sportspersons

    Daily comfort

    Sensitive joints, muscle pain, heavy legs : discover our range of natural aromatherapy products to improve your daily comfort.

    Products for daily comfort
    Products for daily comfort

    Family care

    Discover our range of natural aromatherapy products which contribute to the care and daily well-being of the whole family thanks to the benefits of essential oils.

    Products for the care of the family
    Family care

    Discover the EONA range

    EONA combines the expertise of aromatherapy and a perfect knowledge of the human body to provide natural care to all those who wish to preserve and optimise their health capital naturally.

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