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    French reference in slimming and well-being



    Julie Ferrez, 32, from the Lyon region, is known in the world of sport and well-being as the "coach of the stars". Julie Ferrez is now a coach for Télématin on France 2 and moderator on Teva, She became famous in 2008 as Julie Imperiali thanks to her work with President Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni, with whom she had already worked for 3 years.

    From childhood, she has been immersed in the world of sport, practicing classical dance, yoga, and competitive gymnastics. After obtaining her DEUST in fitness and working in fitness rooms, she was hired at the tender age of 21 as Fitness Manager of the famous Parisian palace Le Ritz. Thanks to this experience and a growing reputation, she became the official coach of President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni in 2008.
    Today, Julie Ferrez has a luxury business card and offers group classes, events in unusual places, relaxing and detox programs and private lessons in the most beautiful Parisian hotels and at home for individuals, businessmen and women, celebrities and models. The coach has also created her own fitness and well-being method: the Rehab' method and a new discipline: Yog n'Dance, combining both yoga and classical dance techniques.

    In addition to her training and muscle strengthening sessions, Julie offers self-massage and recovery sessions during which she uses the range of organic massage oils with EONA essential oils.

    Discover Julie Ferrez's official website.