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    Precautions when using essential oils

    Essential Oils (EO) are highly concentrated substances in active molecules, and its pure use requires observing some basic principles, and in some cases may require the advice of a health professional trained in aromatherapy.

    • Not recommended for use in children under 6 years, pregnant and breastfeeding women, unless medically advised otherwise
    • The use of EOs rich in phenols and ketones should be avoided in children and pregnant women for their inherent properties,
    • As EOs are not soluble in water, use an excipient adapted to the use (vegetable oil, cream, gel...) for dilution,
    • Do not ingest more than 6 drops of EO per day (maximum adult dosage),
    • Never apply on sensitive body parts (eyes, mucous membranes, ears, nose, genitals...) - Do not inject,
    • Use with caution in allergic people or people who have never used an EO, by performing a skin test (1 drop inside the wrist),
    • Always keep vials tightly closed, away from light, moisture, temperature fluctuations, and heat. Keep out of reach of children,
    • Some EOs are photosensitizing (citrus essences), so direct exposure to the sun 6 hours after application to the skin is not recommended (risk of burns),
    • In case of adverse events or reactions (skin reaction, splashing into the eyes, involuntary ingestion...), rinse thoroughly with water and edible vegetable oil.

    Contact your physician if necessary.

    The information provided by the Eona laboratory on essential oils, vegetable oils or any other product is provided for information purposes only.

    They are the result of a synthesis of three reference works: "Aromathérapie pratique et usuelle " by Michel Faucon published by Sang de la Terre, " Traité d'aromathérapie scientifique et médicale " by Michel Faucon published by Sang de la Terre, and " les huiles essentielles pour votre santé " by Guy Roulier published by Dangles

    Eona Laboratories is not liable for the information published on the website

    Under no circumstances should the information provided by EONA Laboratories replace the advice of a specialist trained in aromatherapy. We, therefore, recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before using essential oils for therapeutic purposes.

    EONA Laboratories disclaim any responsibility for any risks incurred as a result of misuse of essential oils due to self-medication or misconduct.